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For helping the homoeopathic practionar and students we offer them to download a number of books free of any cost. So that they make their homoeopathic practice more better and serve the human beings with the help of all might God.

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Homoeo Dr. Muhammad Yamin Ansari ..........................Homoeo Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Yamin Ansari
M.A. D.H.M.S (pak) R.H.M.P. No. 32715. ............ ....................D.H.M.S (pak) B.F.R.S (Aus.) C.R.S (Canada)

Click on the title of the book to download if any problem during
downloading please e-mail me your bio data and operating system so i could able to
send these books.i would send it to you by e-mail attachment file.
These are Zip files please unzip them before reading.
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Radionics book

1:- How Radiesthesia Can Help You (Bruce Copen Ph.D., D.Lit) Zip

Other books

1:- Critical_Care_Medicine

2:- Acute Renal Failure Dx.pdf

3:- Acute Renal Failure Treatment.pdf

4:- adolescent gynecology.PDF

5:- bacterial resistance.pdf

6:- Benign Essential Tremor.pdf

7:- Biophysical Assessment.pdf

8:- Manual_of_HIV_AIDS.pdf

9:- Surgery.pdf

10:- Trimester Bleeding and Obstetric Catastrophes.pdf

11:- Upper GI Bleeding.PDF

12: bateria.pdf

13: Genetics.pdf

14: muscular & skeletal system.pdf

Homoeopathic books (soon available)

1:- Sexual Ills and Diseases (ANSHUTZ E. P.).Zip

2:- Diseases of the Liver, Pancreas and Ductless.
Glands (BLACKWOOD A. L.).Zip

3:- The Diseases of the Liver (BURNETT J. C.).Zip

4:- Cholera, Diarrhoea and Dysentery (CLARKE J. H.).Zip

5:- Constitutional Medicine With Especial Reference to the
Three Constitutions of Von Grauvogl (CLARKE J. H.).Zip

6:- Homoeopathy Explained (CLARKE J. H.).Zip

7:- Surgeon’s Friends in Homoeopathy. Arnica Montana (FAYAZUDDIN M.).Zip

8:- Surgeon’s Friends in Homoeopathy. Succus Calendula (FAYAZUDDIN M.).Zip

9:- Homeopathy in obstetric emergencies (FISHER C. E.).Zip

10:- Plastic Medicine Homoeopathic Treatment (GALLAVARDIN J. P.).Zip

11:- Fear and Homoeopathy (GIBSON D. M.).Zip

12:- The man, Sexual Problems And Their Cure (KRISHNA KUMAR P.).Zip

13:- The Woman, Female Problems and Their Cure. (KRISHNA KUMAR P.).Zip

14:- Lac Caninum Remedy of Ailments From Children Sexual Abuse (LEROUX P.).Zip

15:- Concise Pictures of Dynamised Drugs Personally Proven (MACFARLAN D.).Zip

16:- Hair Loss (MASTER F. J.).Zip

17:- Homoeopathic Dictionnary of Dreams (MASTER F. J.).Zip

18:- Lycopodium (MASTER F. J.).Zip

19:- Mysterious Thuja (MASTER F. J.).Zip

20:- Suppressed Staphysagria (MASTER F. J.).Zip

21:- Diabetes Mellitus (MORGAN W.).Zip

22:- Leaders in Typhoid Fever (NASH E. B.).Zip

23:- Notes on the Miasms (ORTEGA P. S.).Zip

24:- Essentials of Diabetes Mellitus and Its
Treatment by Homoeopathy (PAVRI KEKI R. S.).Zip

25:- Some Case Reports (RASTOGI D. P.).Zip

26:- Defective Illnesses (SCHMIDT P.).Zip

27:- The Art of Case Taking (SCHMIDT P.).Zip

28:- The Art of Interrogation (SCHMIDT P.).Zip

29:- The Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon (SCHMIDT P.).Zip

30:- Dreams and their Homoeopathic Medicines (SIVARAMAN P.).Zip

31:- Drosera (TYLER M. L.).Zip

32:- Essentials of Homoeopathic Prescribing ( WOODS F.).Zip

33:- Lectures on Philosophy (KENT J. T). Zip

34:- Drugs Relationships (KNERR C. B.) Zip

35:- Testimony of the Clinic (NASH E. B.) Zip

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